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About me:
My name is Jenny Rischall. I have been a Massage Therapist for 13 years. I received my training from a wonderful school named The Healing Arts Center in St. Louis, MO. It is there where I got trained in several different modalities, such as; Swedish, Myofasical Release, Deep Touch, Trigger point, Sports, Chair, Passive Stretching, Reiki Master, Pranic Healing, and intro Cranial Sacral. I have also continued my education and have learned Hot Stone, Soft Touch Island Massage, Herbs, Theta energy Healing, body scrubs, pre- and perinatal massage, Lymphatic drainage massage,Thai Yoga Massage, MFR Laryngeal release and Cupping. Huge bonus every treatment is on a Biomat !

How I became a LMT

My mother was the one that gave me the idea of becoming a massage therapist. You know the saying mothers know best, well that's definitely the case here. I love playing sports and being active, and was interested in how to keep the human body healthy naturally; especially the muscles. Specifically, I was interested in taking a holistic approach to health. Alongside my interest in health is my natural urge to help others. I believe that my passion for massage is largely due to my innate caring and compassionate nature. I have a wonderful ability to connect to people, which I use to structure each individual’s massage.

My style
I would say my style of massage is integrated: a blend of all my tools and techniques. I connect with you and your body to find what works best for you. Over the years I have realized the two greatest strengths of my work are my Deep Tissue and Energy Work. With Deep Tissue, I am able to take the client right to the edge of feel good pain, in order to then create great structural lasting change. Incorporating Energy Work into the massage allows me to unblock energy, re-energize areas that are lacking energy, or remove the energetic emotional pain/trauma. I believe that everyone has the ability to heal themselves, and I help by bringing in awareness and holding space for change to happen.

New addition to my sessions is the use of a BioMat! Every session will be on this FDA certified medical device. Check out my BioMat tab for more information



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